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Sermon Archive

A Collection of Recollection

When we forget what God has done, we will doubt what God will do. So the goal becomes to create a collection of God-Memories to give clarity and definition to our relationship. But…some of us have FORGOTTEN what God has done for us. Let’s be intentional about Re-Collecting those memories of big moments in our life where God has made a difference.

Gratitude is an Attitude

Hitting the Reset button on one’s spiritual life requires an act of faith on our part. God has a plan to “bring us back” but we do have to take a step also. This step is accomplished by personal fasting and prayer with the challenge to do it for 21 days. Prayer can be awkward, so the easiest manner of diving into a convesation with God is to simply say “Thank You.”

Celebration Sunday

Habakuk 1:5 speaks to a newness God brings that will change life as we know it currently. It speaks of the lack of details made available to us. It speaks of the fact that God has this under control and it is our job to “be amazed”. We would be wise to realize God is working, God is moving, and God is inviting us along for the journey.

God’s Christmas Gift To You

The conclusion of Mary’s Song in Luke 1 depicts three gifts God gives to us at Christmas that we ofter overlook. Realizing that God gives us goodness, hope, and forgiveness is the essence of Christmas itself, all wrapped up in the person of Jesus Christ.

How To Know God is Working

Continuing the study of Mary’s Song in Luke 1, we learn of three aspects of God that Mary unveils to us. When these are revealed, it is realized that we can indeed see how God is at work in our lives and what our response should be.

How to Sing at Christmas

Of all the Christmas songs, Mary teaches us the first and most important one of all – that the song is not about us! Follow her pattern in Luke 1 as we break down how the song is all about Jesus and what singing this song means to our life.

A Life That Glorifies God

The Christmas series begins by diving into Luke 1 examining the Song of Mary. Her song teaches us how to live a life glorifying to God even in the midst of tragic news and a chaotic world.

Greater Transformation

Jesus is in the business of changing lives and he excels at moving us from what we were to what He desires us to become. James 1:21-27 describes this transformation process and how God wants us to have the Greater He is offering.

Greater Relationships

We are broken yet complete, broken in our sins yet complete in Christ. This brokenness is brought into every relationship we have resulting in broken relationships that are in great need of repair. James 1:19-20 details resolution within relationships showing God can fix what is broken.