Sermons by Jamey Newsted (Page 3)

Sermons by Jamey Newsted (Page 3)

Special Moments

One of the best things you can do for your family is to CREATE MEMORIES with them that will last a lifetime. The key is to make sure to also create spiritual memories!

Paint Your House Red

What are you doing to ensure that those you love the most will be in Heaven? Be sure to have that family meeting place and make sure everyone is there!

Put On Your Boots

Relationships take work so we must put on our work boots and get to work on our marriage, our family, and all the important relationships in our life. Psalm 127:1 says we must continue to WORK at it and let the Lord build our family.

Set The Pace

Parents, you set the pace and tempo for your home. You control your schedule and calendar. Prioritize in a way that values Jesus and makes a difference for eternity.

Let It Fly

We take aim and then we release the arrow to fly towards the target. Shoot em straight to Jesus!


Knowing where to AIM your kids as you parent them is critical and there is nothing more life changing than directing them towards Jesus – every time.

Stay Focused

Follow Jesus all the way to the finish. See Him as the Christ and follow Him as Lord of your life.

Stuck in the Spit

We must find a way to see The Way … but sometimes we get stuck in the spit. There’s always more with Jesus, so let’s go after it and not settle for where we currently reside.

Second Touch

The first touch from Jesus is a great miracle but that is only step of one of a great move He has planned for your life.