Giving FAQ’s

Giving FAQ’s

How much do I give?

Many times we tend to look at the size of the gift or the goodness of the cause. But Jesus measured generosity by a different standard: the condition of the giver’s heart. The best place to begin is by giving 10% of your income, which was modeled for us in the Old Testament. Some may want to start with more or less, but it’s often best to begin with a set percentage on a regular basis. Key things to do before giving:

  • Ask God for direction.
  • Choose a percentage and commit to it.
  • Remember everything you have belongs to God – the act of giving is simply offering back to God what is already His.

What part of my charitable giving should go to the church?

Christ established the church as the way through which he would reach the world. Each person should determine individually what would represent an appropriate and sacrificial response.

How can I receive offering envelopes?

Offering envelopes are passed out with the programs on Sunday.  Simply place your giving in the envelope and drop it into the basket when they are passed during the service.