Great Expectations

Being able to talk to God is one thing, but having the expectation that He will answer you is quite another. We are instructed by Jesus to ask big things from Him with the understanding and expectation that He is more than capable of delivering. So let’s pray big and see what God does.

Cracking the Prayer Code

Many times we get stuck in how we approach God and ask Him for the desires of our heart. Philippians 4 outlines for us the “code” for asking God, requesting from God, and petitioning before God. Break the code, leverage prayer, and bring your requests to God.

A Collection of Recollection

When we forget what God has done, we will doubt what God will do. So the goal becomes to create a collection of God-Memories to give clarity and definition to our relationship. But…some of us have FORGOTTEN what God has done for us. Let’s be intentional about Re-Collecting those memories of big moments in our life where God has made a difference.

Gratitude is an Attitude

Hitting the Reset button on one’s spiritual life requires an act of faith on our part. God has a plan to “bring us back” but we do have to take a step also. This step is accomplished by personal fasting and prayer with the challenge to do it for 21 days. Prayer can be awkward, so the easiest manner of diving into a convesation with God is to simply say “Thank You.”