Run to Win

Run to Win

Map My Run

Running with purpose requires having a plan and a road map to follow rather than just wandering aimlessly. God’s Word gives us that road map that not only provides clarity for direction but also strength for the journey itself.

Building My Core

You cannot run far or fast unless you train well. Training is the key to success but more specifically, core training is the key to sustained success. Our spiritual core needs to consist of a six-pack of prayer muscles displaying Jesus as the center and sole priority of our life. In fact, prayer should be the heartbeat of every Christian.

I Just Started Running

Life is a race we are all running, the question is whether or not it is towards Jesus or away from Jesus. Paul instructs us to run the race in such a way as to win the race, not just run to run. The only way we know if we are winning is if we are actually running towards Him. Running to win means running to Him.